Thursday, August 07, 2014

Frontier Justice Trilogy now on line at Amazon

It's been a very quiet summer here as Don has spent most of it hidden away at his computer.  He successfully acquired the rights back to his series of six hardback books which he originally sold to Avalon Publishing in the late 1990's.  The series was called Frontier Justice.  He has rewritten and edited the books which now appear as a three section trilogy on Amazon Kindle.  After 90 days of exclusivity with Amazon, he will be able to publish to an even wider audience.  If you like Westerns and want some fun summer reading, check it out at this link:

Don has published other hard-back and digital books as well.  The title "Massacre" is my personal favorite.  While a bit scary and almost gory in parts, this book is based on actual experiences of the largest Indian war (massacre) in United States history. 
 Don did extensive research on the subject which required help from several research desk librarians across the country.  I wish he would have added footnotes to parts of the book so people could actually look up the historical journals written by the characters in the novel.  It is shocking to discover that these people actually endured the situations they came across during that time of our history.  While this is a fictional story, it is based on true historical facts.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Published Author

Back in early 1993, Don got his first book published by Avalon Publishing out of New York. It was a story about a female salvage boat Captain that he titled "Captain Ma'am". Avalon liked it because it portrayed a female in a predominantly male career role. Disaster struck (as far as Don was concerned) when they took editorial rights; changing the title to "A Kiss for the Captain" and taking out all the hells and damns. Don has since disowned the book and won't tell anyone of its existence.

He then turned to western genre and was quite successful. Avalon published "Western Vengence" and "Walkers Mission". Craving for more western adventure, Don embarked upon a series called "Frontier Justice" which topped out at six separate books.
  1. Yellow Knife
  2. Martha
  3. Virginia
  4. KapKap
  5. Amos
  6. Joshua
Avalon only publishes in hardback copies so the majority of the market involved sales to libraries. A few years later, he wanted to buy the rights back, consolidate the books into one long "Lonesome Dove" type of novel but found he couldn't get access to the rights.

Then due to our AirCam airplane adventures followed by our RV escapade, his writing went on a back burner for a few years. I wish him luck now as he is finally buckling down to his keyboard again and is working on a new novel he hopes to have finished by this fall.

Some volumes of Frontier Justice can still be purchased through the major book store websites.

Don has now stepped into the digital age and is posting books on line at Amazon.  You can purchase a copy or download a free sample of his two latest novels at:   
Body Talk
or his latest western:   Store Bought Woman
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